a picture of mobile and graph showing the site traffic increasing

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a picture of mobile and graph showing the site traffic increasing

Increase Site Traffic

Hello readers, welcome to akblogging.com, have you any site but have no traffic? Don’t worry, in this post, we will tell you best tips to increase your site traffic rapidly.  Yes, by using Google Discover Feature you can boost your site traffic easily.

Here, we will tell you a step-by-step guide how to increase your website traffic using Google discover feature.

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The best thing about this feature is it is absolutely free of cost. So, you can easily use this and increase your website traffic quickly and easily.

A lot of people using this method to increase their site traffic, you can also use this. So, without wasting any time lets drive into the post.

What Is Google Discover Feature And How It Works?

It is a feature of Google which show results to the users according to their interest on their feed with out searching anything.

How To Get Traffic On Site From Google Discover Feature?

To increase your site visitors using Google discover feature, you need to follow the given instructions.

  • The image size in your post should be minimum 1200 pixels wide and high resolution. Apart from this, your image content match with your main topic.
  • You must set your image preview at the max. You can set it by given coding <meta name= “robots” content=”max-image-preview:large”>. If you are using the Yoast plugin then you don’t need to do this.
  • Use site logo in the right manner. Means use logo not pic in the place of logo.
  • Your meta title related to the content.
  • Exaggeration: Keep your post title, description, feature image sensible and creative.
  • Your content should be trending and unique. Because trending and unique things can easily rank.
  • RSS feed should be enable on your site but if you are using blogger and WordPress then you don’t need to do anything. Because in both this is auto enable.
  • Don’t block your site RSS feed or atom feed.
  • Keep your post title and link element in feed.
  • If you have any sponsored then tell about the sponsored.

By following all these tips you can easily increase your website traffic.


In conclusion, in this post you have learned how to boost the traffic of your site using Google Discover Feature. To get more interesting topics please follow us.

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