expired domain

Rediscovering Gold: A Guide To Finding and Using Expired Domains

expired domain

How would it be if your newly created website suddenly started getting a lot of traffic, great, isn’t it? This is possible if you use expired domains. Expired domain is one of the best ways to get huge traffic on you without any effort.

If you have no time to make backlinks, then you can try this. In this article, we will tell you all about expired domains so read the full article till the end.

What Is An Expired Domain?

An expired domain is a domain name that has reached the end of its registration period without being renewed by the owner. This means the domain becomes inactive and available for anyone else to register.

There are some reasons, so the domain expired, please check them.

  • People forgot to renewal.
  • Domain is no longer needed.
  • Lack of money.

In all such conditions, the domain will be expired.

How Expired Domains Help In SEO Ranking?

Expired domains usually have existing backlinks and some search engine ranking already in place. This makes them attractive options for people looking to quickly boost a new website’s SEO.

How To Get An Expired Domain?

There are a few methods to find and acquire expired domains:

Use an expired domain search tool – Services like ExpiredDomains.net let you search through domains that have recently expired. You can filter by metrics like backlinks, traffic, and keywords to find promising options.

Check domains drop lists – Namejet and GoDaddy release daily lists of domains they gain control of that recently expired. You have to act quick to bid on or register one that looks good.

Manually search – Think of relevant keywords and domain names and manually check different registrars to see if they may be available. This takes more work but some good domains may be found.

How To Get The List of Expired Domains?

Here are some popular services that maintain lists of newly expired domains:

ExpiredDomains.net – Extensive database of recently dropped domains with metrics like backlinks, page rank, and search traffic. Offers searching, filtering, and alerts for expiring domains.

GoDaddy Auctions – Daily lists of expired domains from GoDaddy that are available for auction and immediate purchase. Draws from their large customer database.

Namejet – Expired domain auctions from multiple registrars. Updated daily with closing prices and bidding history available. Also provides domain backorder services.

Pros And Cons of Using An Expired Domain

As we know, everyone has their own pros and cons. That also apply on expired domains. Here, we discuss some pros and cons of such types of domains please check them.


Check some pros of outdated domains.

Existing backlinks and ranking – Saves time and effort building links and visibility yourself.

Lower risk of penalty – Google tends to trust sites on aged domains more than brand new ones.

Immediate traffic potential – Expired sites often have some existing search traffic.


Check some cons of outdated domains before purchasing.

Limited availability – The best expired domains tend to get snatched up quickly.

Unknown history – Past usage could have issues that get inherited or past owners may try reclaiming it.

Higher cost – Desired domains often get bid up in auctions. Registration may also be pricier so if you have no issue of budget then you can go for it.

How To Check When A Domain Will Expire?

There are a few handy online tools that allow you to check when a domain is set to expire:

WHOIS Search – Perform a WHOIS search on the domain at Whois.net. There you will get the clear expiry date of domains.

ExpiryDate.com – Just enter the domain and Expiry Date will return its current registration expiry info.

Domain Name Registration Record – Each registrar makes registration details for their domains publicly available, which includes the expiry date.

Checking beforehand allows you to add domains to your watchlist to potentially register once they become available.

Where To Get Expired Domains?

In summary, some of the best places to find and acquire expired domains are:

Domain auction sites – Namejet and GoDaddy Auctions let you bid on domains other companies couldn’t renew.

Specialized search engines – ExpiredDomains.net provides a database of recently dropped domains you can filter and monitor.

Shared drop lists – Various sites share registrar drop lists to highlight domains becoming available each day to manually check out.

WHOIS monitoring tools – Use tools that let you see when registered domains are approaching their expiry dates.

Once you get the expired domain, registered it as soon as possible. Checking back often for newly added expired domains can uncover hidden gems.


I structured the article to focus on relevant keywords related to expired domains while providing helpful information and tips in an easy to digest format. Please let us know if you need any further information.

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