a girl with laptop telling the best tips on how to start freelancing

Learn The Best 6 Tips To Start Freelancing And Start Earning

a girl with laptop telling the best tips on how to start freelancing
How to start freelancing

How To Start Freelancing?

If you have been dreaming of being your own boss then freelancing is the best option for you. Today’s a lot of people earning a lot sitting at home by freelancing online. Do you also want to earn money like those person. Freelancing is a great platform to earn money online and many people earning almost 20 to 25k per month working from their home with their laptop or mobile.

So, do you also want to earn a passive income using freelancing. If yes, then this post is only for you. In this post, I will tell you 6 basic points to start freelancing and start earning.

But before starting the topic I want to tell you what is freelancing.

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a type of self-employment where individuals work on a project-by-project basis for different clients or companies, rather than being permanently employed by a single employer.

Some key characteristics of freelancing include:

  • Independent Contractor: Freelancers are not employees, but independent contractors hired for specific jobs or tasks.
  • Flexible Work: Freelancers can choose which projects to take on and when to work, allowing for a flexible schedule and work-life balance.
  • Multiple Clients: In Freelancing, the freelancer can typically work for multiple clients.
  • Remote Work: Many freelance jobs can be done remotely from home or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Project-Based: Freelance work is usually project-based rather than ongoing, with defined start and end dates.
  • Diverse Fields: Freelancing opportunities exist across countless industries like writing, design, programming, consulting, accounting, and more.
  • Self-Employed: As independent contractors, freelancers are self-employed and responsible for their own expenses, benefits, taxes, etc.

6 Basic Points For Starting A Carrer In Freelancing

Here, I will tell you the 6 basic points that you should know before starting freelancing career.


The first thing that you should have in freelancing career is skill. If you have skills then you can easily get a freelancing job other without having skills you can’t get any job in freelancing.

So, the first thing that you need is skills. There are a lot of skills that you learn and start earning online in freelancing. You can learn website making and designing, SEO, PPC, SMM, banner making, video making and editing, and so on and start your freelancing Carrer.

Choose Your Platform

Once you learned skills then you can easily choose any platform to show your skills like make a website, make a YouTube channel, sharing your content on Facebook and Instagram.

Make A Portfolio

The next step is making a portfolio so that people can see your project and contact you for freelancing services. For this, make a website and show your projects there. It can be helpful to get a freelancing job. So, what are you looking for go and start making your portfolio. You can also watch my portfolio.

Get a premium hosting plan for making a website.

Make Network

Making network is a very essential part in freelancing. It helps you to get a job. For making network you can use social media like Facebook or YouTube. Here you can connect with new people with similar niche that will be beneficial to you.

Start Promotion

After all of this, the next step is starting promotion. Promotion is necessary because after this people know about you. And contact you for freelancing projects. To start promotion, you can use Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Apart from this, you can also use social media network sites.

Start Online Bid

The last step to start freelancing is start online bidding. For this, you can choose upwork, people per hour, and freelancer platform. Here, you need to start a bid. If any person like your bid then he will contact you.


So, this is all for how to start freelancing. I hope you like this post. in this post, we discussed about what is freelancing and basic points for how to start freelancing in India.

Go and start your freelancing career right now! To get any help, contact us anytime.

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