reasons behind site traffic down

Check The Reasons Behind Your Site Traffic

reasons behind site traffic down

5 Top Most Reasons Behind Site Traffic Down

Most of the sites are going down after Google Broad Core Update 2024 and there are some reasons behind this. If you have also a website that is going down rapidly then this post is for you. Here, we give 5 reasons and their solutions that may be the causes of going down of your sites. So, check these reasons behind site traffic down and confirm whether your sites are affected by the Google 2024 broad core update or not.

Points that you need to check if your site traffic is going down after the broad core update 2024


Backlinks are also important for ranking any site. But the links must be quality backlinks otherwise they impact wrong on your site. So, whenever you create backlinks for your site remember that don’t make spammy backlinks.

Spammy backlinks down your site’s reputation. So, if there are some spammy backlinks for your site then immediately disavow those links. To remove such types of links you can use the Google Disavow tool. It is free to use so you can easily use it and remove spammed backlinks of your site.

User Experience

User experience is also a very important point that affects your site ranking. If your site’s User Experience is not good, then there are fewer chances for ranking. One of the most common reasons behind bad user experience is ads on your site.

If you have Google Ads approval or if you applied a lot of ads on your site, then it’s not good in behalf of a user. So, remove unnecessary ads from your site and make it clean and clear. You can put one or two ads on your site.

Expired Domain Abuse

Some people use expired domains to get traffic on their sites. If you are also one of them then be careful because, in Google’s broad core update, Google penalizes such websites that are using expired domain names for getting backlinks.

But it does not mean that you can’t use expired domain names. You can use an expired domain but before using this please check that domain history and niche. If the niche is similar, then you can use it otherwise it is recommended not to use such expired domains.

For checking expired domain history you can use a wayback machine. To use this site is very simple, just enter the domain name and hit the enter button.

Poor Niche

This is also a reason behind your site is not ranking. If you select such niche like on which you don’t have much knowledge then you can success. Apart from this, you need to choose such niche on which you have good knowledge. With this, you need to publish unique or fresh content on your site with different methods.

Don’t use common niches like jobs because on this niche there are also multiple sites that are ranking already.


The main pillar of your site that helps to rank your site. After Artificial Intelligence there are a lot of people who start content writing using different AI tools like ChatGPT and other tools. Google also penalizes such sites whose has AI-written content.

So, if there is any content that is written by AI then immediately remove that content. Apart from this, if there is any content that is expended forcefully then it also comes under Google Broad Core Update 2024 and affects your site and decreases your site ranking.


So, these are some reasons behind site traffic down and their solutions. I hope you like this post.

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